The essential Tanzania: The people, places, culture, politics, climate and more

All you need to know - in a nutshell


Do you know Tanzania? Do you want to visit the country, as a tourist or to do business? What makes this country unique in the region and the continent of Africa in general?


Here you will find all the facts, given as facts, unvarnished and unembellished. We set out to make you know what is Tanzania in its essence: A brief but concise history, events that have shaped the country, the people, languages; climate and the cultural and natural heritage.

We explain Tanzania’s geography and its physical attractions; for a standard tourist and for one who wants to broaden their knowledge and horizons.


We familiarise you with the people, the culture, languages and the political dynamics of this land.


It is fascinating, exhilarating and thought provoking. Tanzania is not all beauty. There are warts and many of these. These too are laid bare.


As you will hear wherever you go in Tanzania, we say, Karibu!

Tanzania: The facts.
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